2009 - 2015


“Levelled every bush and tree and levelled every hill /
And hung the moles for traitors - though the brook is running still". 
John Clare

Holbeach St Matthew. 2010. Silver gelatin hand print.

North Ing. 2013. Silver gelatin hand print.

Windy Corner. 2013. Silver gelatin hand print.

Caulton's Farm. 2014. Silver gelatin hand print.

Burtoft Lane. Silver gelatin hand print.

Fontaine le Dun I. 2010. Silver gelatin hand print.

Flood Cottage. 2010. Silver gelatin hand print.

Station Road. 2009.  Silver gelatin hand print.

Lundy's Farm. 2013. Silver gelatin hand print.

Middle Marsh Road. Silver gelatin hand print.

Lyn Way.  2013. Silver gelatin hand print.

Caulton's Cottage.  2014. Silver gelatin hand print.

The Fens is a region of reclaimed marshland in eastern England, which is now one of the richest arable areas of the UK. Paul Hart has been photographing this landscape of agribusiness over the last six years. FARMED explores a wide-open environment - one in which monoculture is at it's core. It's a linear landscape comprised primarily of straight lines with a flat horizon. Hart’s narrative pin points the objects that remain, when all that surrounds has been cleared by modern agricultural practice. He conveys nature’s vulnerability within this unsheltered and unprotected environment. Hart's working method is in the vein of documentary, exploring our relationship to this landscape by highlighting elements that are so often overlooked. He employs the analogue process and traditional darkroom techniques, to convey something of the soulful in a landscape that is rarely considered of any aesthetic interest. 

“Hart's photographs raise important questions about possession, ownership, mobility, stewardship, history, memory, perspective - the list goes on. But none of these would matter much if these photographs were not, in their attention to the poetry of the place, earnest and moving." From the essay Constructing Fate : Paul Hart's Farmed Landscapes by Steven Collier Brown

FARMED is comprised of 56 photographs made by Hart as silver gelatin prints up to 20" x 24". The series was published as his second monograph by Dewi Lewis Publishing in 2016.