British photographer Paul Hart (b. 1961) explores our relationship with the landscape, in both a humanistic and socio-historical sense. His series usually concentrate on a specific geographical region, where he photographs intensively over a number of years. He works primarily with the black and white analogue process, and is one of an ever diminishing number of artist-photographers who make their own work from negative to print.

Hart studied Art & Design at Lincoln College of Art (UK) and graduated from Nottingham Trent University (UK) in 1988 with a BA (Hons) in Photography. He has concentrated on long term self-initiated projects for the past fifteen years. His work has been widely exhibited, most recently at; The Photographers’ Gallery (London), The Austrian Cultural Forum (London), The Royal Photographic Society (Bristol, UK), The University of Cambridge (UK), The Royal Academy of Arts (London) and The Cultural Foundation ARCADE (Dijon, France). Hart’s work is regularly shown at major art fairs including : Photo-London, Paris Photo & The AIPAD Photography Show (NYC).

To widespread critical acclaim Hart has published three monographs with Dewi Lewis Publishing ; TRUNCATED (essay : Gerry Badger, 2009 ), FARMED (essay : Collier Brown, 2016) & DRAINED (essay : Francis Hodgson, 2018). He has won a number of awards and in 2018 he received the inaugural Wolf Suschitzky Photography Prize and was shortlisted for the Mark Rothko Memorial Trust Award. His work resides in the V&A Museum Collection (London), the Ivor Braka Collection (London) and the Martin Parr Foundation Library (Bristol, UK).

For over a decade Hart has collaborated with Ilford-Photo who feature this work in numerous campaigns. Hart’s work is regularly reviewed in the press by publications such as; The Daily Telegraph (UK), Photomonitor (UK), LensCulture (France) & LensWork (USA). Getty images represent his early-career horticultural portfolio working with clients such as The Royal Horticultural Society & BBC Worldwide.

Paul Hart lives in Lincolnshire (UK) and is currently completing the concluding part of his Fenland landscape series which will be published in 2020.

Paul Hart © Sarah Crozier.jpg
Paul Hart is a photographer interested in the slow harvesting of hidden truth from the ordinary places that most of us pass by. He works in an unfashionable idiom with slow cumbrous equipment (not just old-fashioned analogue photography, but medium format analogue photography, slower still) in an unfashionable place. He seeks to find the bits of the land that speak their stories, and to transmit their importance in views which, typically, the absolute lack of melodrama demands slow looking and brings slow revelation. Hart’s placid, formally peaceful landscape is pregnant with stories that lurk in the mud or the mist. His magic lies in soliciting from his viewers the same half-historical, half romantic reaction to ploughed fields and straight drainage ditches as he gets from them himself.
— Francis Hodgson